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Counseling in Nature

Counseling in Nature holds potentials for meaningful experiential psychotherapeutic learning 

The Human-Nature Foundational Attachment

Personality and healthy functioning are created in the basic human attachments formed in the environments and experiences of our childhood relationships with primary caregivers.  Natural healing through integration of attachment wounds endured from life experience is best addressed in a healing human relationship combined with awareness of the healing characteristics of our natural environment. You will learn to facilitate this healing and fundamental sense of belonging, known as the Foundational Attachment, through deepening your relationship and connections with the natural world, with ourselves and the relational, physical and spiritual aspects of the world in which we live our lives. 

What is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy, the application of Ecopsychology, is an evolving field of study of the relationship between us natural human beings and our natural environment, through ecological and psychological principles. 

There many ways in which one can vivify and work through various forms of emotional, relational and mental suffering, from learning tools for deepening connections within the world of nature, which provides examples and effective metaphoric representations, which humans for millennia utilized in guiding healthy, ethical, moral living.

Ecotherapeutic enhancement of connections with nature and wildness begin with sensory mindfulness, cultivating finer awareness and deeper knowing of your inner environment through development of a greater sense of one’s place in the outer environment. Others utilize Ecotherapy for active involvement with community organizations and working out feelings about environmental concerns and issues, for addressing a wide range of various problems of living, and in formulating one’s pathway for living on through all life’s meandering ways, it’s peaks and valleys. Ecotherapy is an innovative approach to helping people dealing with adjustment to changes and life transitions; exploring spirituality; facing grief; problems with family, intimate partners and in friendships.

Ecotherapy sessions happen initially inside the consulting room and then outside in suitable natural environments ~ Depending on assessment and suitability of Ecotherapy as a psychotherapeutic modality ~ I work one-on-one with adults, teens and their parents, couples and small groups ~ All modalities helping to facilitate healing and growth within the context of our relationships with Nature and with each other.

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